The Loss of a Sister to Suicide

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Fireworks on the 4th of July

The explosive sounds from fireworks begin their debut a few days after my birthday.  It should be a happy time, but that’s not how I remember this day. The week America celebrates its independence, the police had broken down the dead bolted door to my sister’s condo for a well-being check.  They found her body slumped on the floor of the bedroom, with a bible and photos of her children in her hand.  No pulse, not breathing. My sister had committed suicide while the 4th of July Celebrations were beginning.

My sister had taken her own life and left a note that I retrieved from the detectives mandatorily investigating her suspicious death.  They saw my pain and gave me a copy of her carefully handcrafted letter, after pleading and tears.  She blamed the ones who loved her most.

After the coroner’s inquest, my sister’s death was ruled a suicide and had been dead for several days before she was found. The toxic overabundance of mixed medications ingested with alcohol, determined an overdose.  After her body was finally released, a memorial was held.

My character development

While writing my novel, I developed a character named Sara, who has a sister that took her own life. Many years have passed since my own sister’s suicide.  But my own sisters’ way of living is not to be repeated with Sara’s character.  Sara wants more than anything to be well and has a great support system in place.  She’s compliant with her medications and at the first sign of any potential changes in mood she will share these issues with her psychiatrist to discuss her bipolar symptoms.

In this current novel that I am writing which is based on true events, you will probably root for Sara to see her doctor, to take her meds and feel well.  

Writing helps me personally share internal emotions that have shaped me as a person.  I develop characters based autobiographically in some instances and research medicine for accuracy. As a nurse for over 30 years, I am weaving credible medicine into a plot full of horrific turns. 

Follow my writing journey

I hope you follow my writing journey. As my novel continues to develop, meet more of the characters, including Nurse Carrie Winters, my protagonist, who is Sara’s best friend and find out what Carrie discovers.

A story based on true medical events

A story of friendship, families, the strife for wellness, trust, hope and betrayal, and Nurse Carrie Winters is caught in the middle.

While the sky bursts with colorful explosions on the 4th of July holiday, I look to the sky and remember my sister.

More on why I am writing

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