Agoraphobia and the longing to escape

A Mind’s Captivity a micro poem by Susan L Urasky

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 A poem depicting freedom from agoraphobia

Depression and agoraphobia

Depression and agoraphobia. The anxiety that builds during depression may cause one to stay indoors.  One may pull the shades and turn off the lights.  At time the senses are so heightened and intense that the light increases their anxiousness. To look outside may feel like the panes of glass will cut and cause harm. A panic instills and may cause one to breathe rapidly and with shallow breaths, hyperventilating, triggering a numbing sensation throughout their limbs.  They cut ties with others, leaving them alone.  I feel there needs to be more awareness of mental illness symptoms, and to try to understand how those suffering feel. People with friends that are suffering from agoraphobia may not realize they are not intentionally shut out but their friend’s illness is keeping them from doing the things they commonly did in the past. You can reach out, you can accept their illness. Be more aware.
I was inspired by this photograph of mine to write, “A Mind’s Captivity” a micro poem to capture the longing to be free from the shadows. Those who suffer from agoraphobia; are held captive in their mind.

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